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Walden Pond

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit. I've created this site to share some of my stories and interests with others.

Inside you will find:

Well, I finally worked on my "Hospice" page. It's not quite finished but it's an emotionally draining page and hard to work on so may take a bit longer to complete. Only if Hospice care is a soon-to-be-contemplated decision should you read this. Otherwise it'll probably just depress you.
My Hospice Experience

"The Gospel according to Klint" This is a cyber-novel and my first try at designing a web site for someone else. I hope you read and enjoy!

If you've been here before I've got a surprise to share! Please visit "Luna's Nestbox" again. This page is about my cockatoo, Luna, and some of his adventures and ambitions. Please follow the links there to read a story I wrote to AcmePet about Luna, my mother and David Letterman. I'm rather proud of it.

My "Synchronicity" page is for myself and others (maybe you?) to share their "strange" coincidences. I have an incredible amount of synchronous experiences and would love to hear from others who do also.

The "Tribute Page" is about my late parents. It's a photo album of their life with a bit of their history.

My "Fossil Page" is another photo album, this one of my fossil collection, I just love old bones!

On the "Artifacts Page" you'll find some cool, old stuff and not just artifacts either.

I've put together some "Bird Tips" to help out people new, or not so new, to bird ownership. This deals mainly with safety issues and I urge you to read it.

I hope you read "Simone's Story",this is about an old stray cat that showed up at my house one day. With help from her internet friends all over the country she found a new life. I've added a little update as I've just recently been in touch with her new owner.

This is "The Desiderata" My mother introduced me to this when I was very young. I've made it my life's philosophy. I hope you find wisdom in it as well.

My "Favorite Links" section is a great place to visit if you'd like your own web page!

"Come Chat With Me" I'm now on ICQ and IM!

These are some pages I have planned for the not-too-distant future:

My "Chicken Soup Page" will have the history and evolving recipe of my family's chicken soup.

I will include other family recipes on my "Favorite Recipes Page".

After my experiences dealing with Hospice I'd like to alert others to some possible problems and questions they should ask before they decide on a Hospice. So I plan to create "My Hospice Experiences".

I want to put together some of the little tips, tricks and helpful hints that I've learned over the years on "Dani's Helpful Hints".

After you've perused my pages I'd be honored if you'd

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My Hospice Page
Hospice care.

The Gospel
according to Klint



A Tribute
to My Parents

My Fossil

My Artifacts

Bird Care Tips

Simone's Page


My Favorite

Come Chat
With Me!

Dani Adams

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