This page is under construction, check back April 10th. Make your own web page. Part 2.

I want to say again that this is not the best way to create a page but it may be the easiest and fastest. If you intend to create more than just an interesting personal page you should definitely learn HTML.

On this page I've used many of the most popular elements. Background (or wallpaper), midi music, in line graphics, lists, bullets, links within text and links in a table, different font sizes and colors, even blinking text.

Before we go on I'll tell you the most important tip that helped me create my web site. It's the "View" button on many browsers. On Netscape or Internet Explorer, go to "View" at the top of the screen and choose "Source" or "Document Source". This shows all the HTML that went into making a page. I've used it many times. For example; I wanted a links table on my home page so I went out and found one I liked, viewed the source, wrote down everything exactly and placed it on my page. I read a lot of HTML tutorials, both on the Internet and from the library. But most of what I learned was from viewing the source. The reading, viewing then practicing on my own page was, for me, the best way to learn.

I start all my pages using the "QuickPage Editor", I then use the "edit HTML" selection in each section to build the page the way I would like it. I've found it easier this way, even though sometimes there is little left of the form once I'm finished with the page. Don't worry messing up on your first page, in fact think of it as a practice session. I have a hidden page I use just to practice new things I find. You can delete files or pages any time you wish.

On my pages that contain a lot of graphics or pictures I then "convert" the file in the "Housekeeper". I do this for several of reasons. First, once converted, I can then access the whole page rather than single sections. I can also delete the majority of the http: address that must be used on the "QuickPage" form. Example; on the "QuickPage", to include a gif or jpg file on your page you need to use, but when you convert it or start out with the HTML form, you only have to use filename.gif. This can help to make your page download faster. Converting also allows me to remove the horizontal lines that are part of the "QuickPage" form if I wish. But when I decide to convert a file I first make a copy to keep, just in case, this takes up very little room, this is easily accomplished within the "Housekeeper".

Here's some really great page building links.

A Beginners Guide to HTML.
Even if you use a page maker you'll soon want to expand so print this out for reference.
Wallpaper Heaven
This is a list of links. I urge you to check out "Rowdy's RamPage", a site that you'll find here.
Bill's Animated Gif Collection
This is a huge site full of cool animations! Check out Kitty Roach's animations!
Ultimate Midi Page
This has got to be the biggest collecion of Midi music on the web!
Color Selector
Here you can sample most every color there is and find the html code for it. You can also import your background to test colors!!
Tripod Home Page
Have your own home page up and running in less than an hour, no html and it's free!!
The Free Pages Page
Here you will find descriptions of and links to many sites that offer free web pages.

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