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My favorite synchronicity story came to manifest following a conversation about SYNCHRONICITY. I worked as a classroom assistant for the Indianapolis Public School System. We often had study time for the students in each class so I got into the habit of bringing a book to read. One week I was reading a book titled "Synchronicity". I encouraged the teacher ( Emily ) to take the book home one night and tell me her impressions. After a few days she returned the book to me and told me that although the found the stories of synchronicity facinating, she felt that they must have been embellished to some degree to make them more entertaining. A few months laater during summer break, I got a call from her asking if I would be interested in taking a bicycle that she was going to otherwise throw out. I told her that I would and said that I would be right up to her place once I had a chance to take a shower. As I was finishing the shower, I went to turn the cold water knob and heard a clear SNAP. The water nosle refused to close. I called my landlord and informed him of the problem. He told me to hold tight and that his on-call plumber would be there within the hour. The man arrived and was able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. The washer behind the cold water know had
finally given way I was living in a very old boarding house at the time. He said to me, "Ya know, that washer was probably there for 35 years, but today was the day it broke" I thanked him for his trouble and made my way to Emily's house. She lived in a very old house in a suburb Northwest of town. ( about a 20 mile drive ) When I arrived, Emily met me at the door dressed in a bathrobe and her hair up in a towel. She was visibly upset as she proceeded to tell me how just after our phone conversation she had gotten in to the shower and upon trying to shut off the water she heard a SNAP and the cold water refused to turn off. [ it was the washer behind the cold water knob ]

Dear Dani, Thank you for your message. I would like to share another synch story with you.

I was born on 11-28-51. ( thus the Email address ) My cousin Martin was born in February of '53, but lived only a couple of days.
Because Martin would have been the first grandchild to carry the Dornfeld name, ( my maternal grandparents ), his death was especially traumatic to my grandparents.
Although I was onlly 3 at the time, I have always had vivid memories of Martin's funeral. Somehow, his death was never a full reality to me.
Years passed and in June of "84, I became friends with a guy named Bobby who lived on the east side of town. ( Indianapolis ).
One day I saw Bobby at a local swimming pool. He introduced me to his little brother Melvin. His younger brother displayed remarkable psychic abilities and seemed to know all about me. What was even stranger, was that I was able to sense and know Melvin's thoughts and feelilngs just as well.
From that time on, Melvin would call me to ask me to take him places and do things with him. He felt estranged toward his own brother but said that he and I were "family". He was 13 when we met.
By 1988, Melvin was old enough to drive and then it was he who would carry us around ( in my car ).
One Sunday in late May of '88, Melvin and I were returning to the city following a drive to a lake south south of town. I was also living on the east side at the time so when we came upon Concordia Cemetary, I thought it might be nice to visit my grandparents' graves since I rarely got down that way.
I told Melvin to turn in to the cemetary grounds thinking that we were going to be there only a few minutes.
I had visited the grave sites numerous times over the years but somehow that day I just couldn't find them! We walked and searched; searched and walked but for some reason I just couldn't remember where they were!
We finally wound up at the far end of the cemetary by the iron railing that runs along side South Pennsylvania St. - under a large oak tree near the groundskeepers garage. I can remember looking down at what appeared to be a hole that one would expect to find on a golf course.
Nearly 30 minutes had passed from the time we arrived at the cemetary so I said to Melvin, "This is it ( I had had enough ) Let's just go!"
I had not told anyone about my visti to the cemetary.
The next day I got a call from my Aunt Karin ( also Martin's aunt ). She had called just to chat. Out of the blue - and after 33 years - she said, "You know, it's just a shame that we never got a headstone for Baby Martin's grave." "Where is it?" , I asked.
She answered, "It's at Concordia; all the way in the back by where they keep the lawn equipment under a big oak tree near Pennsylvania St.. It looks like a golf ball hole" The day before, Melvin and I had been standing on top of Martin's unmarked grave without being aware that it WAS a grave.
My Uncle Ronnie - Martin's father - had just passed on 9 months prior to our visit to the cemetary.
I suppose this may be as much a case of guidance from Beyond as an example of synchronicity. AND just WHY do Melvin and I have such a powerful ( and often frightening ) psychic connection? Could it be that my grandparents and Uncle Ronnie were letting me know just WHO Melvin is to me?
Is Melvin the reincarnation of Martin? I have to believe that to be the case.
As I walked around tht cemetary that Sunday, it was as if I was stumbling in a fog.
I can also recall the feeling of being pulled as if by an angelic presence.
The headstone for Martin's grave should be in place by Thanksgiving of this year.
If you feel that this story qualiifies as a case of synch, feel free to add it to your site.
I really enjoy reading about synchronicity and hope that your site flourishes.
Be well, Mark

Synchronicity enthusiasts,

I am a scientist; a Physics Professor, and I have an amazing story for you. I wrote a book, not just another book. It is difficult for me to characterize this book. Eventhough it is written in the poetic styles of rhyme and metaphor, it is non-fiction. It starts out with an exposition of my physical health, state of mind and personal suffering leading up to a "threshold" I went through in Bahrain, The Persian Gulf, in the summer of 1997. The initiator of this transformation was the Indian Actress; Pooja Bhatt. I saw her image on television once...and everything changed ! Obsession is the only word I can honestly use to describe my thoughts towards Pooja Bhatt. I became obsessed with her facial image and persona. But it was never even remotely sexual. It was a "selfless kind of obsession", if you can imagine such a feeling existing! My depression turned into joy, confusion to clarity, and my doubt into faith. "Stalking" her in magazines and on the Internet, I was showered with a barrage of amazing Synchronicity. As her birthday approached, I struggled to capture my inexpressible feelings twoards her by composing poetry, and I was never a poet ! My experiment went out of control and I ended up writing"Book of Rhyme" and "Magic Boat". I believe that my thoughts were guided by whatever faculty that was causing the Synchronicity in the poems. The synchronicity is manifested in the rhyme, theme coherence, the connective framework, and the verse formats, The formats actually started drawing pictures !!! My story would not be complete if I do not guide you to my website (, I posted the entire book which you can read online, or download, for free. But I warn you,it is quite controversial at times.

So visit me there, and Believe !

Dr. Safwan

Dani volunteered to put my book on the web ---The Gospel According to Klint" in which I used the pen name of "Klint of Denmark" and she was also also kind enough to list it as an address on her own page. Some months later I wondered if Dani and I had any coincidences (synchronicity) which would be interesting. I studied the name name Dani with scrutiny and wondered if it had any significance. I started my quest by looking in my Thorndike-Barnhart Dictionary (2 Volumes)for any words starting the letters d-a-n-i, and found there were only six words starting with those letters. They were: Danian, Daniel, Daniell-cell, Danish, Danish pastry,and Danite. Isn't it interesting that the word Danish was mentioned twice and that author's pen name had "Denmark" as part of his pen name.

Dani lived at time in Lancaster, Ohio. She is my only acquaitnace living in Ohio. I frequent a coffee shop called the Silver Grill here in Ft.Collins and I play coincidence games with the people at the counter. One day they had a new waitress and I asked her what state she was from and she said she was from Ohio. So I said "let me guess the name of the town. I said:"Lancaster". She said said she lived in Baltimore but was born in Lancaster, Ohio. Just last week I was visiting with another customer at the counter and I said "What state are you from and he said Ohio. I said,"Let me guess what the name of the town. Is it Lancaster". Several months later I was visiting with another customer and I asked him what state he was from and he said Ohio and I said let me guess the name of the place. You are from Lancaster. He looked at me with amazement and wondered how I knew for he graduated from high school in Lancaster. If I were just playing guessing games why not pick a city like Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus. My message is: You probably have a common denominator with every person you meet if you would only pursue it. I have collected nearly five hundred coincidences in my life. So what do you the reader of this message have in common

Clinton Blauer

The Ultimate Synchronicity: The concept that the natural numbers are a tangible connection between the spheres of matter and psyche, was advanced by Dr. Carl Jung, and Prof. W. Pauli, Nobel Prize-Physics.....This is the proof:


My story is short....

All my life I have had the pleasure and saddness of having Synchronicity. It is a lot of responsiblity to be aware of why things happen. Not all things are good that are manifestied. From a core level you tend to manifest all things in your life including a loss of a love one; i.e., which I did. But this story is kind of kicky.

I live in a small city next to a larger one and everday on the way home I would pass a small convience Macket,aka a liquor store. Some older people ran it. I would then say to my new husband, "Gee think they'd be willing to sell the store"? He would reply Na they have sons. So obviously I never presented that questions to the owners. I can't tell you how many time I said it. Anyways one day my husband was in the store and just off the fly asked the owner if he would be willing to sell. His answer was, " As a matter of fact we are selling in two months". Needless to say I am a current owner of a small but fruitful Convience Mart. The funds provided by my late husband God Bless his sole. Manifestation comes in all shapes and forms; beware of what you ask for you just might get it.


Sorry, no story but interested in the subject.


i had a best friend sixteen years ago who lived in a bungalow in a large town. Sixteen years on i have made friends with another girl whose other friend lives in the same house as my old friend despite not being the same person. Weird


I was listening to a tape of a Greatful Dead show I had never heard before. One segment consisted of improvized percussive noises. The sound of a train engine was mimicked, building slowly in intensity. It finally climaxed with two "toot"s of a train whistle. At the same moment a real train whistle outside blew twice, very loudly, and precisely in sync with the tape. This happened in an area where trains are rarely heard. I know what you're thinking: No, I was not on any drugs.


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