Synchronicity Stories

One morning, while preparing to go to work, I came upon a desire to find an evacuation route from my residence to higher ground. following this thought was the intense need for a map. quickly, the thought was swept aside.
arriving at work, one hour later, waiting for me on my desk was a detailed, state by state, black road atlas map, left for me early that morning from my insurance agent. i made no immediate connection to the earlier thought, but seconds later everything almost started to make sense. i had to sit down and digest what actually happened. i was almost doubting my prior thoughts. after adding this to my record, i felt relieved that i acccepted this syncronicity.


I just wrote several pages(on Tripod )about my THEORY of SYNCRONICITY
and i found this page while searching for my sites, Blatant syncronous
experiences eh? that described my reasoning to make my new art project
a workbook to record syncronous experiences, sort of like a William
Blake handpainted spellbook,but with a serious point being that i think
events are orbiting around you(everyone)and they periodically rotate
into current reality. It makes more sence to me that if you put yourself
on a 4-d grid and mark important parts of your timeline there will be
a reciprocal intersection on your timeline(birth to death)by an event
in an orbit around the mark that is you somewhere on your timeline
and it might be mathematically possible to predict syncronous events.
This is a little garbled but that's why I'm writing a book on it!

DAZ aka
might be easier to predict your future than you think.

Darren "DAZ"

So many coincidences. As a child I ate a whole bottle of asperin. My Grandma got me to the doctor within half an hour of death, but I lived. When sledding down a 200ft icy driveway I lost control. A voice said "duck". I did, and I scraped the side of my face on the board of a fence as I went between the boards. No one was close enough to have said "duck". A new school was built as I entered the "middle school". The roof caved in the year I left. The year I went to high school the computer programming class began. I took the class the next year. I wrote down that I wanted to go into the Airforce in electronics. A couple years passed and I tried to enter the Airforce as a computer programmer. There were no openings. I was going into the Airforce in electronics and was offerred a change to learn a foreign language. I chose Polish because I'd get to go to Germany to listen to the Polish radio. I went to school in CA, which was a place I was delighted to visit. I didn't make it all the way through the school. I was cross trained into computer programming. Nine years later I got an assignment to Germany.

Prior to going to Germany I sufferred from depression. I spoke aloud, but alone, and said that if I got promoted, got a girlfriend, got married, became a priesthood member, or (a couple other things I no longer remember) then it would pull me out of depression. The entire list was offerred to me. I accepted all except the marriage opportunity. It didn't end the depression, but I see it them all as gifts from God. On 4 occasions I have been given the feeling of having control of a traffic light. On 2 occasions that I recall the light changed exactly when I wished it. On 2 others I refrained from making the wish and the light didn't change. That feeling hasn't occurred in over 6 years. Whenever the feeling came it never failed to work. I have tried without the feeling, but have never been successful then.

When I was called into the priesthood there were a large number of coincidences that helped me know the call i


Con't; When I was called into the priesthood there were a large number of coincidences that helped me know the call is true. Partly it was that I sensed the call before it was presented to me. After accepting the call I needed to take some home study courses before being ordained. I noticed that there weren't any questions after one assignment, so I skipped it. Weeks went by and the ordination wasn't scheduled. I decided to go back and do that assignment, even though I already had the certificate of completion. That Sunday a leader asked me when the ordination should be scheduled.

Once my car's accelerator cable broke and the car sped up uncontrollably. I pressed in the clutch, but the engine raced. There was a pickup truck behind me so I turned on the emergency flashers and let them flash a couple times. Then I turned off the engine. The steering wheel locked. I locked up the brakes and spun and ended up neatly beside the road between two bridges with concrete pillars. There wasn't much room for a safe spot to end up besides where I was.

When I was in high school me and another tried to break into the school computer. We sometimes had success finding passwords, etc. One night the teacher's password came to me. I Knew what it was. I told the other and he used it to get in the next day. It wasn't that I thought I knew what the password was.


A postal worker church friend needed to open a locked mailbox, but didn't have the right key. He'd already tried every key. The Spirit told him to use a specific key in the lock. It worked. The key wouldn't open the lock after that. I was at a school and a guy couldn't open his door with his key. I rememberd my friend sharing his story, so I tried my key. It worked. After that my key wouldn't open his lock.

Each of the instances I've listed, and others, can be explained away as coincidence.


Hi, I'm from Mexico, and I have frequent syncronicites that really spook me (although I find them fascinating). OK. Yesterday, an aunt of mine died. I hadn't seen her for years, but I loved her very much. In life she worked as a English to Spanish translator; she would translate movies, both for the big screen and TV. Yesterday I arrived home from work, feeling sad; I turned on the TV on a random channel, and a movie was ending. To my surprise, her name appeared at the end of the movie, giving her credit as the translator! Sure, I was surprised. But guess what? A couple of hours later I was about to turn off the TV, and a movie was starting (The Year of the Dragon), and yes, it showed my aunt's name as the translator! I was mystified. Now let me tell you, the last and ONLY time I've seen my aunt's name on the credits at the beggining or end of a movie was ten years ago, and that was because I was watching that movie because she translated it. What the hell?!?!


I have a friend I met online named Wayne. Wayne is a special education teacher in New Jersey, I work in a large book/music store in Florida. We chat everyday online. One day he starts telling me about a student of his that was in some movies. The student's name was Jason Mewes and he was in Kevin Smith's movies. Wayne knew Kevin from school too. He asks me if I ever saw Clerks or Mallrats or Chasing Amy. I never heard of any of the films or the director or the actor. The next day I am at work. We are having a shopping night for the employees. There are two guys in line ahead of me and I overhear their discussion. They are talking about how they ordered the videotape Chasing Amy and it didn't come in yet. I'm thinking isn't that funny, I never heard of that movie and here it is the next day and I'm hearing it again. The following day at work is very busy. I answer the phone once to help out and it is a young woman calling to see if we had the video Clerks in stock. We did and I put it on hold for her. I thought another funny coincidence. The following day I am at work and I go into the storeroom. We have a table that is used for sorting books when they come in. It hasn't been empty since October as we are receiving skids of books every day in anticipation of Christmas sales. I walk into the back and the table is completely empty except for one book. I pick it up and started freaking out. It is the screenplays of Clerks and Chasing Amy by Kevin Smith. So that night I am telling my friend Wayne about all these coincidences. He tells me to buy the book, he will get it autographed for me. I go into work the next day and look through the boxes of sorted books and it is not there. I look on the shelf and it is not there. I figure oh well it is not meant to be. On my way out the door, I'm not even sure why, I stopped and looked on the shelf again. And sure enough, there was the book. I purchased it and send it up to New Jersey. The next morning I sign online to check my mail. There in my mail is a newsletter I subscribe to called Zentertainment. In there is a blurb about the Kevin Smith Film Festival in New Jersey. Then my husband calls me from work. He is in the breakroom and the tv is on. Its a commercial for Fletch 3, directed by Kevin Smith and with several of the actors from his previous movies. I tell this story to Eric at work. Turns out he owns Clerks and offers to let me watch it. Then he says I should tell Mike about this cause he is really into coincidences. I tell Mike this story and he says SYNCHRONICITY!!!! Tonight my husband was doing a search on something totally irrelevant and this web site showed up....


My first day at work I was asked to put in order a series of library cards, as a sort of a test. When I was finished I happened to read what was written on the top card. It was dated 1983 and on it, hand written, was my home address, even down to the right apartment number. (In the corner of the card was written "form no. 23") By the way 23 is the ever occuring grand number of synchronicity... If anyone has had any even minor coincidental experiences involving the number 23 please post them, or E mail me!


Cierto día me sentía especialmente tenso y con muchos problemas que resolver. Me encontraba en el centro de la ciudad comprando, pero no tenía ganas de hacer nada, salvo ir a casa i dormir. De pronto me di cuenta que estaba en un costado de una avenida con muchas señales de restricciones (no estacionar, no virar, no ...). Me dio un escalofrio al ver esto y me acordé de Jung. Luego me fui a casa, claro, sin terminar de hacer lo que estaba haciendo pero más relajado.


I have been having a lot of "beheading" synchronicities. Media seems to be saturated.

ACE on the side of a truck in large black letters in the morning.....that evening's Pick 3 numbers were 513

Stephen J

This synchronicity started a ten year thing trail of events from missing a train. I met a guy named Ed on the platform. His sister became my best friend. Ed and I were both moving to CA that October. I got pregnant a year later by someone I didn't know, ended up in NJ with an unsuportive family. Made out my will because I could see no way out. I prayed alot for a job I could take my baby to so she could always be with me. His sister one day said she knew someone who needed a babysitter for $3.00/hr. I took it. But I still desperately needed to get out of my parents house. I prayed again with my last strength. This lady's x-husband heard my plight but regretted he'd just rented a run-down little place to his friend; he wished he'd known a week sooner. Coincidentally, his friend decided not to take the place and moved to Florida. I got the place. I had no car. The gas station man next door was from Turkey and I gave him a bowl of soup one icy day and he lent me his car, gave me $50.00 when my electricity was about to be shut off and I never even asked him, then, when I got a car upon my father's death, the Turkish guy was transferred, just as I didn't "need" him anymore. I was ready for an office job now but needed certain odd hours and close by because my car was so old, and high pay to feed the two of us. I got one a mile from my home that fired me just as a better job came along. I'm manifesting money and a right relationship now as I am finally ready for both.


I've been so lax in writing my stories. I've had SOOOoo.......many! But today, Sunday, Easter 1998, I had an interesting one. I've really been missing my family lately and reflecting on Easters past. I was sitting on the couch and couldn't find the TV remote. I reached into the couch cushions, like I've done so often, and felt a bulge inside one of the cushions. I realized immediately what it must be and unzipped the cushion. I was right, it was an old, hidden but never found, plastic Easter egg. The couch was my mother's before she died so I feel maybe it was her way of reminding that I'm never alone.

I have a lot of incidences of Synchronicity. But the one that sticks out in my mind the most, happened about 5 or 6 years ago when I was in my mid teens. I had a dream that the doorbell rang. And since my room is closest to the door, I answered it. When I did, I saw this man that I had not seen in at least 2 or 3 years. At that exact moment the doorbell woke me up. Of course I answered it because everyone else in my house was sleeping and it was him. I almost fell over. Since then, I relized this kind of stuff happens to me all the time.


This is a message to direct you to a much larger story than one which could be posted here. I am now posting a book I wrote called Along the New Silk Road which is about a very intense trip I took to India in late 1995. While the trip was only two weeks long, in all it took me about two years to explain why it was so meaningful. Much synchronicity, paranormal and supernatural-miraculous activity. Check it out at the url above...




It was nearly a year ago( May 22, 1998) I received my first 'email letter from Dani acknowledging that I was the first person ever to
post a coincidence on her synchronicity page. Before I list
my coincidence with her, I want to acknowledge to her and
the rest of those who read this page, what a valuable con-
tribution she has made in my life. She helped me put my
first internet novel on the web, for which I am most
grateful and appreciative. She has been a wonderful friend.
The book on the internet lists the author as "Klint of Denmark".
One day I was studying her name Dani. Isn't it strange that
the first four letters of her name are the first four letters of
of the word Danish. The next thing I noticed was that her guestbook
was established on April 11,1998. I had a four year old daughter born
on April 11, 1964 who died four years later. My wife's birthday is
also April 11th. This leaves me speculating on the possibility that
Dani could be the reincarnation of my daughter born 4-11-54. I wish
all her dreams might come true. Clint Blauer.

Clinton Blauer

On May 22nd that I received a message from Dani in the form of an acknowledgement as being the first person ever to post a coincidence on her synchronicity page. Since then we have had a wonderful relationship as she volunteered to put my book on the web called the "Gospel According to Klint" by Klint of Denmark (my pen name). One day I was studying her name Dani. It was interesting to note that the letters in Dani are the first four letters in Danish. Dani set her guestbook page up on April 11, 1997. April 11th is both my daughter’s birthday and my wife’s (Marian), but since my daughter died when she was four years old that leaves the distinct possibility open that she is the reincarnation of my daughter.

Klint (5-19-989)

Clinton E. Blauer, Jr.

I had a dream a few years back which included an aquaintance I went to school with years ago, perhaps over 20 years. I had not thought of or seen this person in many, many years. The next day I was late going to work and as I drove hurriedly to be on time, I decided spur of the moment to take a side street which I had never been down before. I thought it might be a shortcut that could get me to work on time. I turned down the street impulsively, only to find very quickly that it was a deadend. As I turned my car around to continue back up the street, I noticed the name of the first side street before the end of this road. It was the same as the last name of the old aquantance who appeared in my dream the night before. In looking back on this experience many of the visual details which I encountered on this little adventure, seemed to enhanced a thought process which was being explored though the orignal dream the night before. This experience helped me "know" something I had been working on understanding in a more concrete and experiential way. I do not believe there is anything mystical or majic about these experiences. I believe they are yet another means by which we "converse" with ourselves in an attempt to find meaning in our lives and the world around us. This, I believe, is the truely "majical" aspects of these experiences.


in 1990 I was living in Mobile Alabama I decided to join a civil war reenacment group. Trying to find a way to contact the local group I decided to call the head of the group in my home town, Dothan Al, some 150 miles away. The head of this group was the twin brother of an old friend of mine. I was going to Dothan that week and called him and asked if we could meet. He said no as he was going to be out of town. I went to Dothan that week and was returning to Mobile.
About half way there I decided to stop and get Gas. When I did I noticed the Guy at the other pump was my old friend or his twin brother! it was the brother who was returning from a trip to Pensacola, so I got to have the meeting in an unexpected place and time.


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