Synchronicity Stories

Name: Shirley
Story: My husband Tom had always been a huge music enthusiast. Over the past couple of years he really took an appreciation of the music of the group U2. He had learned that the group was coming to Providence, R.I. not far from where we live for a concert in 10/01. This group is virtually impossible to get tickets to see, but I thought since Tom really enjoyed them I would do my best to get to try to get tickets for this concert. I learned that the tickets would be going on sale at 9:00 am a particular Saturday morning in September. Tom went to work that morning around 8:00 am, and I sat by the computer thinking of my stragedy on how I would try to get these coveted U2 tickets. I figured I would first call the Providence Civic Center to see how long the line was at this time for tickets, and then decide whether it was worth making the drive up to try to get tickets. Since I did not have the Civic Center's phone number at hand, I then called information to get it. When I asked the operator for the Civic Center's number, her next words to me were, "are you calling there to try to get U2 tickets?" This response blew me away, and she proceeded to tell me, "don't bother going there, I'll tell you how to get those tickets". She instructed me to call an out-of-state Ticket Master since the local one would be bogged down with calls from local people trying to do the same as I was. She gave me a North Carolina number, and I got through first shot and got two great tickets for the 10/30/01 concert. Needless to say my husband was thrilled!!! We had a great time at the concert, and my husband made many comments about how much he liked the U2 song "Kite" which they played that night. I honestly did not pay much attention to his comment about this song, but later would learn that it contained great meaning to him and me since it is about saying goodbye but never really leaving. My husband Tom died on 11/29/01 very unexpectedly from a heart attack.
Name: J Martinez

Story: I met a girl at my work place and since the very first day I started talking to her I started experiensing alot of coensidencies. When I think about her the phone rings, it's her calling me. If I'm going to say something she says it before I start talking or if she is going to say something I say it before she does, this happens alot. She went to my same gramer school,jr high,same orchestra class, ended up working in the same place I work and I just met her 4 years ago. I didn't think of that as important until she told me that she believes in reincarnation and she believes we had loved each other in the past life, love each other in this life and will love each other in the future life. She tells me, that explains why I know what she is thinking and she knows what I'm thinking, we were always meant to meet since kids,and that also explains why we know each other so much. My relationship with her is not good she is engaged and she is planing to get married in six months. More and more this relationship is becoming more misterios. The last coensidence was that her boyfriend's sister is very good friends with my best friend's brother. I'm starting to freak out and I don't know why. On small accasions I also thought that something was wrong and I started thinking about the situation and I couln't take it off my mind. I went to invistigate what the problem was and it was the same situation I had thought about. On 3/6/01 my dad was in the hospital, about 5am I woke up and my door in my room was moving back and forth, my dad past away at 5am of a heart attack in the hospital. Sometimes I find doing things and at the same moment I know I done this before and I know what is going to happend next, I just wonder if there is any meaning for this or it's only in my mind???? I wonder what is going to happend next!
Name: sue
January 25, 2002 I learned of synchronicity yesterday, all my life I thought these were coincidences. About two years ago, one rainy afternoon I asked my husband if he wanted to go to the casino, he did not. We were in the middle of remodeling our house and I wanted a particular siding, which was more expensive than we had wanted to spend and he mentioned it would cost $50,000. Stopped for gas. The gas total rang up ending in 77 cents. I topped off the gas and it rang up to the last number ending in 7. While driving I thought to myself maybe I'm suppose to play a machine with 7's. I played a red, white and blue 7 machine, playing one then two coins, one then two coins, on two coins I hit the jackpot -- red, white and blue 7's for $50,000.
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