Synchronicity Stories

June 26, 2002 Story: I'll try to be concise. When I was in High School (early eighties), my chior teacher had the notes of a song going around the border of the room, much like your first grade teacher probably had the alphabet. At some point during the year, someone would ask him what the song was, and he would roll up his sleeves and play it for us on the piano, then play the album. The song was "Little" Fugue in G Minor, by J.S. Bach. He would end up playing it relentlessly throughout the year, drilling it into our heads, until by the end of the year, we were all humming the little fugue under our breaths nearly constantly ... Cut to about five years after graduation, I kept hearing bits and pieces of a completely unrelated song (The Power of Love, by Air Supply) on the radio in random places. I couldn't place the song, but it had the phrase "You are my lady" in it. It was making me nuts. I was determined to find out who sang it, but no one could tell me, so I ended up buying any cassette tape (this was the eighties, remember) I could find that had a song with the word "lady" in the title on it. I had 'em all -- Kenny Rogers, The Commodores, you name it ... One day, my best friend from High School and I were walking through the mall and she asks me "What was that song Mr. S. used to play for us in chior? I get as far as dah DAH dah (sings the first three notes of "Little" Fugue in G Minor), but that's as far as I can remember"! I say "Oh, yeah, uhh, I think it was called Fugue in D Minor". (Wrong) She says "Yeah, that's it! Fugue in D Minor"! We stop in the record store and she heads for the classical section, determined to find it. I take the opportunity to fulfill my "lady" quest and think "Hmmm, maybe it was Styx" so I head for the S section, and there it is, a cassette by Styx entitled "Lady".


Part 2; "Bingo" I say, and grab the cassette without further examination ... We get back to my place and I put the cassette in and it, of course, turns out to be a completely different song. Side one plays through and my friend gets up to leave. After she leaves, I go back to the living room, flip over the tape and hit "play" and absentmindedly go about my business. Suddenly, coming from the tape I hear "dah DAH dah..." You got it -- "Little" Fugue in G Minor on side two of the Styx tape I had just purchased! I called my friend immediately and played it for her. She was like "Now, how the hell did you do that"!? Ain't synchronicity fun?


July 14, 2002
Story: This new found sense of awareness didn’t expose itself to me all at once. I knew something was happening; I began noticing coincidences that were becoming more frequent as time went on. I didn’t know what these coincidences meant until I talked to my English teacher, Mr. Wyndham, after school one day, which was a coincidence in itself. Throughout the conversation he suggested that I’m becoming aware of the world around and within me. And that as a result of being aware, I am noticing coincidences which are fate’s way of teaching me. Awareness leads to coincidences and coincidences contain life lessons. One night I had a dream that I was coming out of a building into a courtyard, and as I looked up I saw some sort of alien spacecraft with a laser coming from the bottom of the ship. The next thing I knew I was inside of a building and then I was transported out into space. I had no body, my mind or soul was the only thing that existed of me out there. I saw in one instant the destruction of what I thought was my galaxy, my home, it took one second for them to annihilate everything I had known, but despite all of that I have never felt more aware or more alive, I felt at home, after all I am a child of the stars, we all are. It is a morbid thing to say, but it was so beautiful, a blue explosion set against the blackness we call nothing. After one brief moment I returned to the building and looked over to a person standing next to me and whispered, “It was nothing but a power surge, the lights just went out.” I was presented with so much knowledge in a short amount of time, I still don’t know how to make sense of it all, and I will spend the rest my life trying though. All I know I was given a gift from the stars, they answered my questions. After recognizing awareness, .............

I looked back over the past few years which were marked with one coincidence after another. It is a bit eerie when a coincidence happens because I know that something divine has intervened in my life. It is scary yet comforting at them same time. The first coincidence I recognized was when I met Laura Wickstrom. If one were to look at our friendship, one would assume that we have known each other for ever, when in fact, I have known her for a little more than a year. I have never in my life made a profound connection with someone so quick. My life went down a different road the day I met her. I owe her for the wonderful change she made in my life, friends like that are rare. The eeriest of all, are the coincidences I share with Andy. Our souls made a connection the day we met. He was the assistant drum major my freshman year. I didn’t know anything about him, I never talked to him, but I knew him, if that makes any sense. Then, during my sophomore year while assembling pep band books, we started talking. From then on everything thing he said I could have said for him, it would have been just the same. I remember talking to my mom about how odd it is that we are so similar. One day while I was walking home from school I approached my home and thought to myself how cool it would be if Andy would show up randomly sometime. I love surprises and I hadn’t seen him in awhile. Well, I went inside and heard the doorbell ring and I didn’t answer it at first, but then it rang a second time so I went to the door and looked out through the peep hole and saw a note on the ground. I couldn’t read it so I opened the door and out from nowhere he attacks me. It was weird knowing that I had foreseen the unforeseeable. Another coincidence that I have been noticing is during school. After I have been struggling with life’s hard lessons for awhile, soon after I learn a lesson that will help me get through it. ............

It is as if the lessons I learn in school are somehow made specifically for me. The moment I thought that life should come with an instruction book, Mr. Hudgins handed me a book called Life 101. And so far every piece of literature Mr. Wyhdam has given me to read has made a direct connection with a question I have been perplexed with. There are far more examples but the ones I listed were the most intense. Because I have become aware, I have opened my eyes to a new world out there full of lessons ready to be taught to anyone who wants to see. I was granted a new kind of freedom after I talked to Wyndham and learned about my dream amongst the stars. I have learned that life really isn’t a tough proposition; it is quite simple in fact, beautifully simple. It is us who make it complicated. It shouldn’t be frustrating, for the answers will come, however disguised they may be. Oh! What if I do let fate guide me? The first part was written back in December, and at the time, I wrote what fate had taught me up until the point the words settled within the ink. Little did I know…the lessons portrayed in the narrative are still presenting themselves, specifically the one about Andy. We broke up about a month ago and I could have gone through and erased the segment I wrote about hi. That was my first intention, but it came to me that I didn’t realize it at the time but fate was trying to unravel a lesson and show it to me. My relationship with Andy was one huge lesson. He was supposed to be in my life, I was just confused as to how. Our relationship taught me that people aren’t what they seem and integrity is one of the greatest attributes a person can hold. But most of all I learned that all one can do is set an example, as my mom told me, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Everyone is traveling down their own path learning the life lessons fate presents to them, sometimes those paths cross, and sometimes they drift apart. Fate crossed our paths, fate provided a lesson. A while after I broke up with Andy....I finaly e-mailed this guy who I had sat next to me in math class..we had talked while I was in a relationship and one day he tried to ask me out to a movie or something but never managed to get the courage....but if he did have the courage I would have had to tell him no. But since I had broken up with Andy I decided to contact him. So I did and we started talking and the more I learned about him the more I noticed that he was everything that Andy wasn't, it sounds mean but Andy ate like a caveman, Dan has the best manors and Andy was anti-religion, Dan is a confused mormon wanna be. The most amazing thing though is that before I broke up with Dan I read a book called The Bridge Accross forever, a book by Richard Bach....reading that book was like reading about myself, we had identical personalities and ideas about love, we were both afraid of the same things. At first that book told me that I will never find my soulmate cause the perfect person can only exsist in many people, and sadly I chose to believe it....I felt like Dan didn't provide a spirital connection for me and our relationship was getting boring. So I broke up with was very impulsive, I can't believe I just gave up so quickly like that. But then I read on into the book and learend that the boredom between two people only comes from being apart mentally and spiritually and soulmates do fight, and that to love I have to put aside selfishness. That book came along at the perfect moment in my life to teach me the most important lesson ever:LOVE. Dan and I are back together, and now I realize that he is in my life to help me learn about love.
……….…….the .time I had visited the last few remaining work colleagues to remain in the job before building closed…He was one of the first to go,......................
so had well left.
It was dark rainy November day...and it rained all that day...the exact same weather as that late summer's day when they were all given the news that they would be let-go in phases.
While on the way home, I had decided to not to get a taxi after all, as I had my umbrella, I had a choice to go one of two ways home, I chose the quiet leafy way and walked away in the drizzle constantly thinking of him, re-visiting had brought it all back even more.
I felt strange, reminising about how many times I had walked to and from work up along this way then...
...all I can think of is him as I continue along this quiet spot on a path so familiar to me, then, on the further ahead of me, I am noticing bright yellow markings; I am getting closer and have come to the conclusion, yep! bright yellow spray can graffiti, typical kids, nothing better to do but spray all over the path, I thought to myself.

On approaching it look down at it...there in big yellow-sprayed letters is the name "Paul" nothing else. Coincidence, I am little taken aback here, yea odd, but my safe word, coincidence... again.
So, yea, I had days where I did not want to be bothered with ..................
it the WHOLE LOT...the gut feelings .. (My friends suggestion that I was also receiving some kind of communication/messages)...I'd had enough and I did NOT want to try and TUNE into my physci more (As suggested by a few)..No, I wanted to Tune out...and I tried, I ignored, I this and I that.

Seemed OK, for a very short while, then one day.... I get stuck on the bus in heavy traffic while going into the city. I gaze idledly from the window just looking at this, then that...I eventually become inpatient, but I sit and wait like everyone else...and here we go, he enters my mind again...OK, fine, I am well use to this, nothing new, huh!... I rest my head against the window with his vision still in my mind, suddenly my eyes focus on the railway bridge ahead the billboard ad shows a pair of woman's crying eyes, mascara running down her cheeks...I do not have a clue what the add is all about, but at the end of the picture is one large word in white... "FEEL"...I was aware, but ignored it...not going to make anything of it...I had been feeling far too much of late for my liking, huh!
I am window shopping in he city now and I guess he had left my thoughts a short while ago, maybe even before I stepped from the bus.
I do some shopping and later on, while at a check-out, a lady places her brown boutique bag onto counter right in front of me, OK they could just as easily placed it at their feet, also...that usually happens.
OK, I don't pay much more attention ...but she is taking a long time, so I turn back to her and notice she is signing a cheque...normal...then I focus on this bag.......
and this IS a boutique bag...all that is written at the bottom of this bag is..."Trust your Instincts".
OK, fine, big deal ...but then I remember the only word on the billboard on the bridge earlier...Right, again, I tell myself don't make anything of this...I am not getting into all this again, but.. I could not help but notice that they had 'one' BIG thing in common...both involved 'feelings'...and I HAD been thinking AND, especially feeling so much over the last months....BUT I now wanted to tune-out..ignore it all...I REFUSED let it continue...DENIAL and LOGIC felt SAFE for me now...
One evening during our brief `keeping in-touch', I visit a new site to read HOROSCOPES...I don't take much notice at first, but something on a banner ad on top of this page is flashing/moving and my attention is diverted to is a grey rectangle bar with an arrow indicating a drop-down list (in this case, you know it is suppose to contain a list of peoples' names)....and guess what the caption on the left reads..."Wanna know your Soulmates name?" OK, that's to the right in the window pane of the drop-down arrow, there is a default name used as an example...and the name in the window is....'Amanda'
This is the name I had always used for him whenever talking about him to a close friend (The close friend knew) while in other company and I also used it in part reference to how I kept my mails private on my system...then just before sending it, I would just change all instances of that name to his name in one go with the application I used.
Back then I smiled to myself... on seeing this banner...another long line of coincidences.


I am too tired to re-type, so what you are about to read is ALL chipped and chopped from a long mail I had written to a friend. These are only short pieces from it.
All this is realy about someone I had met over three years ago in same work place.
Story too long, but it was not only a mutual attraction, but to me it felt so spiritual that I came to my own conclusion that if soulmates do exist, then he may have been one.
The whole thing was so deep, and strange. We never confirmed are feelings.
Both in existing relationships, also. Never crossed the line with one another…. but it was all there in our actions, gazes, and so forth…an unspoken thing. I left to go back to college…he lost his job a short while later.
We had kept in-touch for short time, because on the day I left the job he would not come over to say goodbye, which I found strange, but inner voice said…"This is probably the way HE deals with it and by Monday, when I sent email to him in work, he confirmed my inner voice, saying he was did not want to say goodbye as it is so definate and feels it is only for someone you are never going to see again, and that, who knows, maybe we will run into one another again…(His words)….so I suggested if that is the case, then keep in-touch if he likes….we did and I wrote as I would any other email friend, though with him I was so glad to have him connected to/in my life in some way……then he stopped? ........................
I waited almost two months before sending him assertive, but calm mail asking had he NOW said goodbye in his own way and if so, I had mentioned before, that it would be fine, I would understand, but don’t do it this way…just don’t give me the silent treatment, make it official, say it…he remained silent.
My heart was broken, my soul had been deeply touched and now in turmoil…I went even deeper and in all this sadness, loss and turmoil, the spiritual feeling intensified. I am still in some kind of process with it all, though I do feel a bit better a year later. Though I have thought of him EVERY single day since.
I have had my suspitions, intuits on the possiblities (I have been intuitive and sharp with dreams in life), but still do not know the real truth of what happened. Apart from hearing from reliable source some months back that his partner is exremely jelouse in their relationship? And though this source was close to him on the job and they agreed to stay in-touch now she (female, of course) has not heared from him either.
Anyway, so much of the strange stuff continued happening since that last email to him and so little of it is in the following extracts from a mail to friend.
Early last year in the middle of working in same building with him, I had this strange visions, voices and all that lark, just the ................

gut feeling (Familiar with me at times). I kept it to myself until its persistance drove me to first, tell my husband, then a few over lunch in work one day. This is the only way I was able to verbalise it when aksed what on earth I was talking about.
Its like, something big is going to happen that the whole world is going to know about…it feels negative, so it must be bad..its not like we are all going to die or anything, but it feels bad. Then my final summary would be…its just feels like something big is going to happen and its going to be bad and the whole world is going to know about it.
Flash forward little over six months and it wasn’t until about two weeks AFTER Sept 11 that it hit me in a wave…Gosh, could that have been anything to do with that feeling I had earlier this year (Last year)? My husband just looked at me and said, "Yea, I know, I thought of that" As metioned I have been sharp with dreams and intuition…gut feelings…some are literally like butterflies, sometimes almost a hint of nausea…it has often felt like it is located under the ribs, but high in my stomach’s center? Hard to explain. But before this, I had never had( What I now call it) a global feeling* before…to be end up feeling so confident in the midst of all the confusion to end up telling a few people what I was feeling, even though it was not something I woke to in horror every morining, nothing like that…it was just a deep, weird feeling and that is how I put it into *verbal. Now, in a way, I wish I had have been *pressed on it when I told a few, because I never tried to look into it, so to speak…it was just THERE, but I ignored it, I didn’t let it bother me once I told those few, but if someone had have tried to make me think more,...........

draw something out of me…God only knows whether I would have been able to feel/see/have even more clarity. I just don’t realy know.
But, I have made sure this time, to tell a few more…since early again this year, around March-April I told a few that I have that same kind of feeling again…uneasy and global.
I do hope I am wrong with this one, I realy do.
And I think I should stop here because I have got carried away. There is so, very much I could talk about…it is frustrating and it has come more to my concious self since meeting this person, who had such a profound affect on my soul.

So SORRY about all this.

The main reason for this mail is wanting to know if the very few happenings (There have been too numerous) from the following chopped mail can be described as coincedences, syncronous events.

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