Check out some of my favorite sites.

Below you can find sites belonging to my friends, sites with great stuff for your web page, sites that involve some of my interests and sites that are just fun to visit and look at. You will find other links on my pages that closely relate to the theme of the page. Enjoy!

Here's my favorite pet site and links to pages of friends I met there.

This has everything you can imagine! Great chats and bulletin boards too.
lisaviolet's cathouse
Lots and lots of pictures and information about cats.
Jeff and Diane's Cat House
Lots more kitties to experience.
Another web page with furry felines.
Wild Talk
You like your cats a bit bigger? Check out this site.
Photography Tips By Sue
Some great info if you have a camera, also some nice kitty stuff.

This bunch is geared toward my many and varied interests.

Delphi Stained Glass
If you even kinda like stained glass you'll love this site.
Parson's Card Shop
A quick and simple way to send a friend a card via Email.
The Internet Chef
You can throw out all your cookbooks!
eBay's Auction Web
Do you like auctions? Try one on-line! This is huge so get yourself a drink and hide your checkbook!

Here you will find links to everything you need to make your own home page.

A Beginners Guide to HTML.
Even if you use a page maker you'll soon want to expand so print this out for reference.
Wallpaper Heaven
This is a list of links. I urge you to check out "Rowdy's RamPage", a site that you'll find here.
Bill's Animated Gif Collection
This is a huge site full of cool animations! Check out Kitty Roach's animations!
Ultimate Midi Page
This has got to be the biggest collecion of Midi music on the web!
Color Selector
Here you can sample most every color there is and find the html code for it. You can also import your background to test colors!!
Tripod Home Page
Have your own home page up and running in less than an hour, no html and it's free!!
The Free Pages Page
Here you will find descriptions of and links to many sites that offer free web pages.

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